Joint Repair Clinic of Montana offers regenerative medicine in Bozeman, MT including umbilical cord tissue allograft injections, platelet-rich plasma injections, and prolotherapy for joint pain. View our patient case studies featuring resolved joint pain videos.

A detailed video about the procedure and treatment through PRP for one of our patient suffering from shoulder injury.


Dr. Yasir Khan has worked as a Consultant Orthopedic, Trauma and Sports Surgeon in Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He has keen interest in Arthroscopic knee/shoulder surgery, joint replacement surgeries and complex trauma surgeries and is regarded as his peers as a ‘troubleshooter’, i.e. someone who can bail them out in difficult situations to perform the complex surgeries.


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Is Arthritis Genetic?

There is some argument amongst specialists regarding the sources of arthritis. There are just so several types that it is hard to identify what actually will create this illness. Nevertheless one element discovers as a prevalent one when it comes to considering this problem.

Playing Piano and Arthritis – Are They Related?

Having reviewed a news short article regarding Vladimir Ashkenazy having to offer up his public piano having fun because of arthritis I started to ask yourself if there was any type of link in between both. The inquiry to be asked is piano playing a great or bad thing for your joints as well as will it generate or discourage you from obtaining arthritis?

What Are the Best Methods For Gout Treatment?

Gout arthritis therapy is required to stop beginning of issue as a result of repeated assaults. There are a number of therapy choices that you can require to assist you deal with the effects gout arthritis attacks.

What Are the Main Gout Symptoms?

Gout is a metabolic condition where the body falls short to metabolize purine, resulting in high concentrations of urates or uric acid in the blood. Once these urates collect in joints, gout pain symptoms establish. There are numerous variables that can put you at risk in getting gout pain.

What Are the Main Gout Causes?

Gout pain is a problem where uric acid crystals develop in joints. This can result to an inflammatory feedback that can be really uncomfortable and also devastating. These crystals typically create as a result of high uric acid degrees in the blood. On various other individuals, high uric acid degrees simply result in hyperuricemia or excessive uric acid in the blood. Others are not as privileged as they experience development of these crystals that can trigger significant way of life modifications.

What to Do If You Are Pregnant and Have Lupus Or RA

The exhilaration of the positive maternity examination, for many pregnant moms, can be shadowed with concern for a healthy maternity and infant. Yet, if you have RA or Lupus, it can be increased. You likewise have to stress over if your pregnancy will trigger a flare-up, what medicines are risk-free for your baby, and whether your condition will certainly impact your expanding fetus or your very own lasting wellness. This article resolves the concerns of two, out of lots of, rheumatic conditions: rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and also systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus).

Gout Natural Cures – 3 Effective Cures For Gout

There are various gout pain natural treatments to pick for your therapy; but I have detailed 3 of the a number of reliable natural gout pain remedies that I would such as to show to you. Natural treatment supplies among the best choices to treat your condition; thinking about that this is a great deal safer compared to use medicines which are normally connected with different negative effects.

Diet Guide For Gout Sufferers

If you are among the countless people all over the world who are experiencing gout arthritis after that the following diet overview for gout arthritis sufferers is very beneficial for you. Bear in mind that a person of one of the most efficient all-natural therapies for gout pain is change in diet plan; thus, it is imperative for you to start changing your daily dish plan by avoiding foods that can trigger a boost in uric acid degree in the body.

Get Rid of Gout Using Gout Natural Cures

Gout pain is condition that can be handled using gout arthritis natural treatments. Use drugs still remains among the most commonly utilized techniques of treatment; nonetheless, the rising occurrences of damaging events as an outcome of long-term use of drugs forced lots of gout pain victims to turn to some residence solutions as well as all-natural methods of handling the condition.

Reducing Joint Pains Through the Help of Exercise

Joint pains are common among older grownups, those that do not have enough exercise, as well as those who are over working out. Generally, there are a great deal of possible reasons of discomforts in the joints. Some are triggered by injury or injuries and also has actually to be evaluated by a doctor.

Arthritis Pain Treatment to Get Your Movement Back

If you are seeking arthritis discomfort therapy, you would be stunned to know that there are whole lots of ways you can get aid. The growing problem of joint inflammation with age is a significant danger to individuals throughout the globe.

What is Costochondritis?

Chostocondritis is a swelling of the cartilage material that signs up with each other your rib bone and also breast bone (bust bone). Once the inflammation starts, the pain can be really awkward and can also restrict the quantity of tasks that you can do in a day.

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