PRP Injection and Stem Cell Therapy Explained

Joint Repair Clinic of Montana offers regenerative medicine in Bozeman, MT including umbilical cord tissue allograft injections, platelet-rich plasma injections, and prolotherapy for joint pain. View our patient case studies featuring resolved joint pain videos.

PRP injection and stem cell therapy explained. PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection and stem cell therapy are increasingly becoming excellent treatment options for orthopedic conditions. We’ve seen incredible success using orthobiologics in professional and collegiate athletes and are now using it to treat weekend warriors, the industrial athlete, and anyone else who has painful orthopedic conditions. This video will explore why orthobiologic treatment is taking over cortisone injections as the treatment of choice in sports medicine. I’ll explain why and how PRP works as well as review the latest clinical trial data.

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0:00 Introduction
1:07 Why we need PRP and Stem Cells
11:39 Science of Orthobiologics
12:50 PRP and Stem Cells: What are the differences?
18:20 Clinical trial data for PRP and Stem Cells

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Jeffrey Peng MD is a nonoperative orthopedist and sports medicine specialist. He created a YouTube channel and blog to translate cutting edge medical knowledge and clinical research to benefit all those looking to live an active and healthy lifestyle. He focuses on maximizing non-surgical treatments for sports injuries and orthopedic conditions. He specializes in using orthobiologics and ultrasound guided minimally invasive techniques to treat osteoarthritis, tendinopathies, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Peng is board certified in sports medicine and family medicine. He completed residency with the Stanford family medicine residency program and completed his sports medicine training with the Stanford primary care sports medicine fellowship in San Jose. He is an active faculty member for both programs and is excited about training the next generation of physicians.

Dr. Peng’s sports medicine clinic is located in Campbell, California.

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Common Arthritis Symptoms

Joint inflammation influences numerous elderly people daily as it hinders their daily jobs such as doing family tasks, gardening and even just making use of strolling in short ranges. Also needed motions such as reaching for objects, utilizing devices like scissors or knives, or holding the rails of staircases when climbing.

Types of Arthritis Treatment

There are millions of people globally dealing with arthritis who experience uncomfortable signs every day. Normally, arthritis afflicts the senior that are frequently seeking means as well as means to handle joint inflammation as they carry out routine tasks such as climbing stairways, strolling, grabbing items, gardening or doing house chores.

Arthritis Products Makes Life Easy For People With Arthritis

Millions of individuals that struggle with joint inflammation locate daily living quite difficult because their movement is impaired. Some people discover it a hard time to do routine jobs such as writing, comprehending, getting to for things, inputting, reducing with scissors or strolling a short range extremely frustrating due to the swelling or inflammation in the joints produced by arthritis.

Appropriate Diagnostic Tests For Arthritis

There are millions of individuals worldwide that experience from arthritis without recognizing that it is already joint inflammation. Generally, these people experience typical signs and symptoms such as rigidity, inflamed or swollen joints that appears not to disappear especially during the early morning. Everyday, the senior struggle with executing jobs that seem regular like walking yet so difficult since of the pain originating from joint inflammation.

Gout – High Uric Acid, Low Sex Drive

It is not wrong to claim that sex-related dysfunctions to carefully pertaining to psychological issue. Yet rather than assuming it as the emotional side of the psychological problem, it is time for us to seriously take notice of the physical reason for the sex-related psychological problem. Simple scientific research describes whatever!

Rheumatoid Arthritis Alternative Treatment

There are a number of various means and also sorts of Rheumatoid Arthritis option treatments offered today. Nutritional adjustments, physical therapy, alternative therapies, and other natural treatments are usually used.

How to Cure Gout at Home – Gout Natural Cures

If you are a gout arthritis patient then you need to have some ideas on how to treat gout at house in order to avoid this extremely excruciating illness from unexpectedly attacking you. Gout pain, or otherwise called hyperuricemia, is usually marked by swelling of joints due to high level of uric acid in the body; triggering crystallization of excess uric acid that results to swelling.

Dear Gout Victims, Having Hard Time Remembering the List of High Purine Food?

You require eat even more food as well as beverage lots of water that is high in alkaline minerals in order to melt away those crystals that hidden for several years in the joints. This procedure requires time and also patient. Look, there is no instant treatment for gout arthritis. You have to approve this harsh truth first prior to you can follow up a gradual healing process towards much better wellness.

Home Cures For Gout – Three Effective Gout Natural Cures

Gout is just one of one of the most uncomfortable and also aggravating health concerns being endured by millions of men as well as ladies worldwide. It is more typical amongst males than females, and also it usually begins to happen throughout very early adulthood like mid twenties to late thirties. Gout arthritis can incapacitate patients and imprison them in the house because of the unbearable pain when it strikes; forcing patients to be missing at the office.

Improve Your Diet and Be Less Susceptible to Your Arthritis Symptoms

There are around 200 sort of arthritis, the 2 most usual being osteo arthritis as well as rheumatoid joint inflammation. If you are obese you have actually an enhanced risk of developing osteo arthritis as a result of the raised stress and anxiety on joints such as your hips and also knees. Subsequently reducing your weight with slimming or a reduced fat diet plan can assist to decrease your possibility of developing osteo arthritis or lessen your signs and symptoms if you currently have it.

Everything About Polymyalgia Symptoms

Polymyalgia signs and symptoms tend to develop a lot more in senior aged people. The growth of the signs and symptoms will usually end up with a see to the doctor. It prevails to have a fast start and typical that a person can be fine eventually but the extremely next day suffering in pain. What can be puzzling for a person is the symptoms need not have actually been preceded by any type of sort of physical exertion or difficult task.

Gout is a Hereditary Disease!

It is really rational and also practically particular that individuals who are residing in the very same social circle often tend to have the exact same diet habits. They go to the same canteen in the school, they most likely to the same restaurant or fast food electrical outlets for their daily dishes, they hang around in the same bar and also drink concerning the exact same amount of beer, as well as they enjoy in the same weekend party as well. Thus, it is no shock that several of them have (or possibly will obtain) the same diet regimen relevant illness.

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