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In this video our patient Pinki Panwala shared her treatment experience at The Prolotherapy Orthopedic and Physiotherapy Clinic, Hadapsar, Pune.

The patient had a chief complaint of knee pain since 10 days. She visited our clinic for the same

She was 1st examined by Dr. Vikram Rajguru where after thorough History and assessment she was advised to take X-ray of her which showed early signs of degenerative changes in medial joint space of knee
After confirming the diagnosis. She was referred to in-house team of Physiotherapist under Dr. Mudit Raka.

After 1st day of comprehensive physiotherapy treatment protocol which included therapeutic exercises, kinesio taping at medial joint line and Dry needling her pain subsided by almost 80%

At 3rd day of her treatment she was reassed and looking into sufficient growth of her strength she was put on blue theraband resistance exercises to rapidity her progress and to make more improvement in her strength.

By 5th day her pain was completely subsided and she was back to normal life.

1.ACR Osteoarthritis guidelines
3.CDC -Reports
4.Standard treatment guidelines :-Management of OA knee
(Ministry of health and welfare, Government of India)

Diagnosis guidelines:-American college of rheumatology criteria
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