Hyaluronic Acid & Platelet Rich Plasma Injection for Hip Arthritis

Joint Repair Clinic of Montana offers regenerative medicine in Bozeman, MT including umbilical cord tissue allograft injections, platelet-rich plasma injections, and prolotherapy for joint pain. View our patient case studies featuring resolved joint pain videos.

In this video, I review hyaluronic acid (HA) injections and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections for hip osteoarthritis. We know that hyaluronic acid injections and PRP therapy can help reduce symptoms related to hip osteoarthritis. But is one better than the other OR do you get even better results by mixing the two together


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Jeffrey Peng MD is a nonoperative orthopedist and sports medicine specialist. He created a YouTube channel and blog to translate cutting edge medical knowledge and clinical research to benefit all those looking to live an active and healthy lifestyle. He focuses on maximizing non-surgical treatments for sports injuries and orthopedic conditions. He specializes in using orthobiologics and ultrasound guided minimally invasive techniques to treat osteoarthritis, tendinopathies, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Peng is board certified in sports medicine and family medicine. He completed residency with the Stanford family medicine residency program and completed his sports medicine training with the Stanford primary care sports medicine fellowship in San Jose. He is an active faculty member for both programs and is excited about training the next generation of physicians.

Dr. Peng’s sports medicine clinic is located in Campbell, California.

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Home Remedies For Treating Arthritis

Taking drug isn’t constantly the answer. You might not be able to pay for to get medication remedies, maybe you are simply versus taking drug.

Do Gin and Raisins Work As Arthritis Relief?

If you experience from arthritis, you have possibly come across some really intriguing home treatments that will certainly heal your disorder. From the juice of garlic as a discomfort reducer to sucking on a lemon, it appears there is a natural home remedy that can utilize practically any home item you can envision.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain and How to Beat It

Rheumatoid Joint inflammation pain can be crippling. Yet there are steps to decrease it. Creating an individual strategy to combat RA discomfort is essential, including factor to consider of your mind set and also ideas, physical treatment, diet plan as well as nourishment as well as RA medication.

How to Lower Uric Acid in the Body Naturally – 3 Simple Tips

In How to Lower Uric Acid in the Body Naturally, you’ll uncover 3 basic, natural ideas to lower high uric acid and also get rid of gout pain. Initially, allow’s take a look at what triggers gout pain.

What is Reactive Arthritis? How Can it Be Managed?

Reactive arthritis is a condition that adheres to an infection in the body. It is also recognized by the term Reiter’s syndrome, called after Hans Reiter a doctor leader of the Nazi party; for that reason this term is much less frequently made use of. It is an auto immune problem typically carrying the adhering to signs: inflammation of the eyes or conjunctivitis, inflamed joints and also swelling of the gastro intestinal tract systems.

Stop the Ugly Joint Pain of Arthritis!

Fellow joint pain sufferers-Rejoice! A brand-new “KING” of joint discomfort supplements has struck the scene like a “lots of blocks.” And prior to you yawn … let me discuss why this is such a huge bargain. First off-It’s a 100% natural item that makes use of cetmyristoleate (CMO) to reduce and even get rid of tool to extreme joint discomfort.

Arthritis Gloves Can Help Ease Your Pain

If you suffer from arthritis in your hands, fingers, or wrist after that you recognize just exactly how awful that pain can be. Joint inflammation gloves can aid with that pain. You do not need to stop doing all the important things that you love even if you have joint inflammation. Arthritis handwear covers will permit you to be able to do things you love with out all the discomfort. These gloves function by giving your hands with compression as well as heat.

How to Cope With the Pain of Arthritis

If you are attempting to handle arthritis, life can in some cases be an actual battle. It can limit your capability to keep a socially active life. However you can discover to cope with this disease without allowing it to rule your life. To alleviate the discomfort while proceeding your daily life, here are some things you can do …

Six Home Arthritis Remedies to Try

Before we avoid to home joint inflammation solutions, we want to look at some sources of joint inflammation. Your possibilities of getting arthritis can enhance if you reside in a cold, wet environment. Additionally, an extreme shock or injury can create this problem to take place. A negative loss is an additional source of joint inflammation.

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It’s the twelve o’clock at night as well as the entire world is resting. You are drowsy in a relaxed slumber, when all of a sudden an intense jolt of pain in your joints makes you shout in the rest. You wake up and question what occurred. You locate that your big toe is swollen and red and also a brief walk to the commode ended up being awful.

The Top 5 Natural Remedies For Soothing Arthritis Relief

Arthritis can excruciating as well as frequently disabling. Yet there are natural remedies for arthritis that many individuals are not knowledgeable about. Right here are what are taken into consideration to be the leading 5 all-natural solutions for joint inflammation.

Could Your “Mystery” Pain Be Rheumatoid Arthritis?

One of the hardest things I have to do as an orthopedic doctor is inform a patient that he or she has rheumatoid arthritis (RA). When individuals see me for pain, it is in some cases difficult for them to describe specifically what is happening to them. Some describe their signs and symptoms as “mystery” discomfort since it’s tough for them to pin factor the precise area. One day they wake up with aching feet, an additional day their hands might injure or they have discomfort in different joints in their body.

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