Does Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Work for Achilles Tendon Tear?

Joint Repair Clinic of Montana offers regenerative medicine in Bozeman, MT including umbilical cord tissue allograft injections, platelet-rich plasma injections, and prolotherapy for joint pain. View our patient case studies featuring resolved joint pain videos.

Does platelet rich plasma work for achilles tendon tears?

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Jeffrey Peng MD is a nonoperative orthopedist and sports medicine specialist. He created a YouTube channel and blog to translate cutting edge medical knowledge and clinical research to benefit all those looking to live an active and healthy lifestyle. He focuses on maximizing non-surgical treatments for sports injuries and orthopedic conditions. He specializes in using orthobiologics and ultrasound guided minimally invasive techniques to treat osteoarthritis, tendinopathies, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Peng is board certified in sports medicine and family medicine. He completed residency with the Stanford family medicine residency program and completed his sports medicine training with the Stanford primary care sports medicine fellowship in San Jose. He is an active faculty member for both programs and is excited about training the next generation of physicians.

Dr. Peng’s sports medicine clinic is located in Campbell, California.

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Treatments For Gout – What the Doctor May Order!

The use of drugs in the treatment of gout arthritis will generally be necessary in order to acquire remedy for the severe pain, swelling as well as stiffness which takes place in an affected joint. The type of medicines typically used are anti-inflammatories or in some situations steroid type medicine might be seen as an option.

Fibromyalgia Freedom – My Journey Toward Healing Without Pharmaceuticals

This is my personal tale of healing and handling Fibromyalgia without prescription drugs! My goal is to bring want to anyone suffering from an incapacitating disease like Fibromyalgia, Fatigue Syndrome, Joint Inflammation, Lupus, Several Sclerosis, Mononucleosis, and a host of other auto-immune disorders.

Gout Information and Effective Natural Treatment and Remedies

When there is an overload of the uric acid in the body, it results into a condition called gout arthritis. Due to overload of uric acid in the body there creates small crystals of urate which deposits in the cells of the body especially the joints are affected.

Why Antler Arthritis Sufferers Should Investigate Safe & Effective Herbal Pain Relief – Part 2

As the years have passed, I have actually understood many people, consisting of friends and also family members who have and/or are dealing with joint inflammation of many kinds. As pointed out formerly, there are a reported 200 plus different kinds of joint inflammation, determined by different methods as well as symptoms.

Why Antler Arthritis Sufferers Should Investigate Safe & Effective Herbal Pain Relief – Part 1

It has been claimed that there are over 200 sorts of arthritis. Among those, Antler Arthritis, is recognized, not by the illness, however by the treatment.

How to Stop Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain!

Having an incapacitating physical condition misbehaves sufficient, but it’s even worse when doctors don’t also recognize the actual reason for the illness. Welcome to the dilemma encountered by millions of patients of Rheumatoid Joint inflammation.

What Causes Gout? What You Need to Know

If you deal with gout arthritis, it is necessary to recognize what the origin cause of your episode is. If you recognize this important details after that you may be able to regulate and also prevent future episodes.

Exercisers – Too Much of a Good Thing Can Lead to Inflammation and Arthritis

If you have actually gotten to center age and you’re exercising – congratulations, you’re doing something that’s so helpful for your body and also your mind. But do not overdo it as some new study suggesting that exaggerating those workouts might simply be placing you at boosted threat of inflammation and joint inflammation.

Gout Relief – Fast Gout Pain Relief Using Baking Soda

Did you recognize that gout pain relief could be literally steps far from you now? Professionals have found a number of advantages for cooking soft drink and treating gout pain might be one among them. Basic clinical mentors specifies that acid can be counteracted by an antacid.

Natural Cure For Gout – The Ideal Treatment You Are Looking For

Gout pain is an old illness that has impacted countless individuals from all periods and also from all profession. With the need for a remedy, what is the optimal one? Traditional or all-natural remedy for gout?

Arthritis and Gout – Is There a Difference?

Gout is taken into consideration a form of joint inflammation, but it is unique in at the very least one aspect. What you eat and also consume will have a major influence on when you really feel the extreme pain of a flare up.

Gout – Diagnosis and Treatment

Gout pain is a very agonizing as well as at some time crippling joint illness triggered by uric acid crystal formation in the joints. Nevertheless, very early diagnosis, management and treatment, can lead to lowering the seriousness and the regularity of gout strikes. Many patients that are experiencing a gout pain strike usually experience serious discomfort in the impacted joint.

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